But what is sclap micropigmentation ?

We hear more and more about sclap micropigmentation as a solution to hair loss. On the other hand, very few people know exactly what it is. Many people mistakenly believe that it is a hair transplant or even worse, that we make a tattoo on people’s heads! Obviously it is not, but then, what is sclap micropigmentation ?

It is in fact to implant pigments of very great qualities under the skin. In large quantities, these pigments give the impression of a freshly shaved hairy scalp or an impression of density on the heads still having hair.
No graft, no surgery. In addition, sclap micropigmentation are painless. Only a slight sensitivity can be perceived in a few places. Unlike transplants, tedious interviews are not necessary.

If sclap micropigmentation is compared to tattoos it is only for the machine used which, just like a tattoo machine, sends an electric charge that causes the coming and going of a needle. But, the similarity stops there! Our needles are much smaller than those used by a tattoo artist. In addition, we do not use any ink, which over time can change color and become green or blue. Ink tattoos can also tend to move slightly under the skin, so that a clean line at first can thicken with the years. With our pigments, everything remains stable, as much the color as the precision of the application.

Our pigments are natural, hypoallergenic and very high quality. We apply them under the first layer of skin which makes a difference with the tattoo that applies color to the second and sometimes even the third layer of skin.
Sclap micropigmentation is therefore a permanent procedure, without pain, without pills or supplements to take.

It’s no wonder he’s making a name for himself among the solutions to counteract hair loss. In addition, compared with other alternatives available on the market, sclap micropigmentation is a much less expensive solution.

So, to the question; What is sclap micropigmentation?
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 sclap micropigmentation

sclap micropigmentation