Scalp micropigmentation, is a permanent solution for hair loss, thinning hair and also to cover up scars and a disease like alopecia, or to simply add density and uniformity to your scalp. In order to perform this technique successfully, the hair restoration experts at Microcapillaire, uses multiple small sized needles as well as organic medical pigments colors for treating the scalp effectively. The scalp micropigmentation procedure requires in-depth, understanding and knowledge around the client’s skin type and basic requirements, which is precisely why you must visit Microcapillaire clinic. A growing number of clients are choosing the scalp micropigmentation procedure today. Their reasons for the same are pretty straightforward, scalp micropigmentation, allows them to adopt their desired hairstyle, and enjoy natural beautiful hair with highly affordable rates.

Get Unlimited Volume

With procedure like hair transplants, especially FUE, you'll lose most of your hair volume within a couple of months. However, with the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you'll get your desired density immediately after the treatment.

Regular Maintenance

This procedure does not really need maintenance. You won't have to maintain your hair regularly and the duration for which you can maintain your hair, would entirely depend on your individual hair style. As a result, you'll be able to achieve the desired fullness and density with ease.

Fast Treatment & Healing Process

Compared to taking hair loss medication, that can take ages to show results, or a longer healing process when you opt for hair transplant surgery, scalp micropigmentation only requires a few sessions to complete. What's more, there is no lengthy healing, the process involved as it is a non-invasive procedure.

Lasting Solution

The best thing about scalp micropigmentation, is that it offers a permanent solution for those who want to address receding hairline or baldness. If you give your hair the proper care it needs, your scalp micropigmentation results will last for 8 to 15 years without any touch ups.