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    hair loss

    Hair Loss

    This is the reality of so many people. A third of men and women lose their hair prematurely and they suffer from it: loss of self-confidence, depressive disorders, etc. If you have it, know that you are not an isolated case. This is little consolation and you should know that the reasons that can cause hair loss are more and more numerous.

    scalp micropigmentation training

    Our Mission

    At our scalp micropigmenmtation training academy the mission is to train the next leaders in scalp micropigmentation. We want our students to combine their newly acquired knowledge with the best parts of their character to become contributing members of the scalp micropigmentation community. We accomplish this mission by providing all of our students with the highest quality, most comprehensive and meaningful education.

    Scalp Micropigmentation

    Scalp micropigmentation (S.M.P.) is an innovative new technique to camouflage hair loss in both men and women. Using a specialized SMP machine and micro needles, the artist implants an organic pigment ( vegan ) in the client’s scalp in the form of small impressions that mimic the appearance of perfect hair follicles.